When was the last time you experienced intense devotion? In a world designed to make you indifferent, fragmented and looking for the next best thing, it’s all too easy to lose sight of what truly deserves reverence. Yet, achieving EVERYTHING you crave—beginning with the most powerful and sexually alive relationship to yourself and others—demands mastery of this lost art of devotion. It is the sacred ground of your deepest transformation, and Theano is the guide who will lead you there.



With a reputation as a ‘modern-day love doctor’, Theano is both a government-certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner (prov.) and a Sex, Love & Relationship coach who guides busy, purpose-driven leaders to master their personal lives to the same expert level they’ve mastered their professional lives. Through her non-conventional consultancy, Theano offers tailored guidance for both individuals and couples. Her clients describe her advisory as “powerful”, “provocative”, “evocative”, “challenging” and “life-changing”. Theano will invite you into your most vulnerable places and hold a stark mirror of truth with safety, devotion and deep compassion.


True intimacy is not just ‘a fantastic fuck’. It is about submission, devotion and vulnerability. (The fantastic fucking comes later, as the inevitable outcome of these states of being.) You must achieve intimacy with yourself before receiving it from another. The test: can you look into the eyes of another person and surrender yourself… without flinching? 

Theano’s Pure Devotion Consult assesses your current experience of intimacy and is the first step on your path to deep, lasting pleasure, passion and power—in the boardroom, the bedroom, and in all areas of your life.